Works in Progress

Although I’ve recently been focusing more on reading/reviewing and college course work, I also write creatively. I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this July, so hopefully I’ll get more work done on the projects listed below. The biggest reason I’m putting information about these here is so that maybe people will see them, be interested and tell me to actually go work on them instead of just creating scenes in my head. (Oh, the life of a writer.) All the covers are made by me and certainly not official. Unfortunately, these projects aren’t quite ready to be sent to publishers yet.

The Color of An Outcast - Final

The Color of an Outcast

Outcasts aren’t safe in most countries, but people are trying to change this. Too bad the push back is rough, maybe even stronger than the fight the Outcasts are putting up.

Both of Sienna Faust’s criminal parents are Outcasts, so she knew it was only a matter of time before she discovered her Outcast abilities as well. Fortunately, her heightened senses are easy to hide. They’re just hard to cope with.

As the name implies, Outcasts are a group of people who have been ostracized for their biology. They come in all shapes, sizes, and cultures. What they have in common is an “inhumane” ability. People used to think these abilities would make a superhero, but now that there are actual people with these “super powers”, they aren’t seen as such. Outcasts are forced to blend in with society or be killed for who they are.

Recent rumors say that scientists have finally figured out how to identify an Outcast from DNA samples. Some believe it, and some don’t. All Sienna knows is that she might be in more danger than ever before.


Cover With Border

Turning Lead Into Gold

Freshly graduated, Alan plans to pursue a career in alchemical research. His parents doubted his success through all his years of schooling, begging him to follow their footsteps in the culinary arts. Finally, he had proven them wrong, relieving not just his parents but himself. Now the real challenge is deciding which branch of alchemy to make a name for himself in. Having a certificate in alchemical studies isn’t quite enough, he has to actually do something with it.

His life and work are put on hold when Prince Thomas comes to town on King Ebbe’s orders to find a wife. Alan deems the hype unnecessary, but at least his parents’ bakery is getting exposure by catering the ball that the royal family plans to hold.

But when Alan is in the right place at the right time, he designates himself to save the Prince from being kidnapped. Instead of a simple rescue, Alan is captured along with the Prince. After escaping their captors, they must use Prince Thomas’ royal education and Alan’s unrefined alchemical skills to find their way back to their home country of Auremland.