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Welcome To 30 Days of Pride

Introducing 30 Days of Pride. Hosted by Ben Ace and Taylor Tracy.

Today, my co-host Taylor Tracy, and I are kicking off 30 Days of Pride—a blog series we organized to bring you 30 days worth of uplifting pride-theme content. I got the idea after reading criticisms of the “bury your gays” trope and the unfortunate pattern that stories about queer pain gather more attention than ones about queer joy. Both writers ourselves, Taylor and I believe our joy should be highlighted as much as, if not more, than our struggles, and that reflects in our writing.

This year, we wanted to welcome others to join us in our mission to celebrate pride month with intentional joy. Together, we’ve recruited over 40 guests and written posts ourselves to bring you interviews with some of the loudest and proudest voices in fiction right now, personal stories about figuring yourself out and learning how to celebrate it, spotlights on books that don’t just show how important our stories are but also entertain because yeah, it’s important to talk about but we’re also entertaining people with fun stories to tell!

We hope you’ll join us and our outstanding guests in celebrating this 30 holiday. Check out today’s posts and find us again tomorrow for more!

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