Welcome To 30 Days of Pride Hosted by Ben Ace and Taylor Tracy

Happy Pride Month, everyone! Today is the first day of 30 Days of Pride — a blog series I have organized with the help of one of my best bookish friends, the amazing Taylor Tracy. We are here to bring you 30 days worth of blog posts about queer pride. The publications range from book and movie suggestions to favorite queer characters and celebrities to coming out stories to stories about pride festivities.

The prompt we gave our guest posters read as follows:

This month we’re here to celebrate. What makes you happy to be part of the queer community? Do you have an amazing coming out story about that terrifying moment that ended up being so much better than you expected? Does the recent surge of representation in books, TV, music, etc. make you proud to represent one (or more) of the letters of the ever-growing acronym? Are you a part of a project that helps queer people or highlights queer voices and you want to talk about how awesome it is? Then come tell us all about it. We want to hear about what you’re celebrating this month and what make you proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community!

So maybe you need to read an uplifting story. Or maybe you’re looking for new books to pick up this month. Maybe you’re in search of something to jam out to in your room as you celebrate by yourself. Either way, you can check back each day to Ace Of Bens and Stay On The Page for new Pride Month-related content. We hope you’ll join us and our outstanding guest posters in celebrating this 30 day holiday!

See you back here tomorrow, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!

Click here for the full list of 30 Days of Pride Posts! (1)

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