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Review: We Could Be So Good by Cat Sebastian

We Could Be So Good | REVIEW

We Could Be So Good is a soft, slow burn romance that explores not only Nick and Andy’s relationship as it shifts from professional to platonic to romantic, but also their relationships with themselves and their communities as these two reconcile their roles as members of the NYC media with their existence as queer people in a time when being publicly out could get you arrested. If a character-driven historical romance with plenty of self-discovery and self-growth sounds like your thing, this might be one to pick up.

Review: Jay's Gay Agenda by Jason June

5 Thoughts About JAY’S GAY AGENDA

With a messy protagonist at the forefront, Jay’s Gay Agenda will have you laughing out loud and gripping the pages with second-hand embarrassment at the same time. Jay’s adventures in finding himself and finding community is a great rom com to pick up this June.

Interview with Talia Hibbert | Shattering Stigmas

Today we welcome Talia Hibbert, author of The Brown Sisters series, including the upcoming Act Your Age, Eve Brown. We had the chance to talk about the importance of acknowledging mental health in fiction, how representation is evolving, and taking care of yourself.

August 2020: Most Anticipated Releases

August 2020: Most Anticipated Book Releases

I scoured Goodreads and book Twitter and Bookstagram for the best August 2020 book releases and came up with my top five which you can find in this post. Don’t forget to tell me which books you’re excited about in the comments!

10 books I need to read this summer. Why Haven't I read these yet? Someone come yell at me.

10 Books I Need to Read This Summer

Okay so honestly, there are so many books I *need* to read, but I’m trying to stick to this list of 10 for the summer. (Feel free to come tell me I’m wrong and make your case for others though 👇 👀)

Review: Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

7 Reasons You Should Read Felix Ever After

Felix Ever After is an incredibly important book. It portrays so many aspects of life and love that aren’t talked about enough in fiction. If all the other people yelling about this book haven’t convinced you to pick it up yet, let me tell you why you need to read it now!

Miss watching Sports? Read about hem instead. 21 book recommendations for people who need something to do while sports are gone

Miss Watching Sports? Read About Them Instead!

If you’re anything like me, you miss watching sports a whole heck of a lot. So here are 21 book recommendations split into five categories — middle-grade fiction, young adult fiction, adult fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs!