Justina: Coming Out Stories | 30 Days of Pride – Day 7

Welcome back to 30 Days of Pride. Today, Justina has a few stories about coming out to herself, her friends, and her family that she’s kind enough to share with us. Let’s celebrate pride month and coming out with her! High school has truly been a life changing experience for me. Until 9th grade came […]

Elin: My First Pride Parade | 30 Days of Pride – Day 5

Welcome back to 30 Days of Pride! Elin is here today to talk about her first time at a Pride Parade, and honestly, I’m a bit jealous, because I’ve never been to one myself. But at least I get to live a bit through her post here, and maybe you can too! Here’s Elin: Happy […]

Q&A with Mina Waheed | 30 Days of Pride – Day 3

Welcome back to 30 Days of Pride! Today I have with me Mina Waheed, the author of the indie romance hits Soft on Soft and Graham’s Delicacies. They’re here to talk about how they (and their characters) celebrate pride month, writing queer characters, and more! BEN ACE: Hi, Mina! Welcome to 30 Days of Pride, […]

Welcome To 30 Days of Pride Hosted by Ben Ace and Taylor Tracy

Happy Pride Month, everyone! Today is the first day of 30 Days of Pride — a blog series I have organized with the help of one of my best bookish friends, the amazing Taylor Tracy. We are here to bring you 30 days worth of blog posts about queer pride. The publications range from book […]