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Welcome to Shattering Stigmas 2020. November 14 - 28, 2020

Welcome to Shattering Stigmas 2020

Welcome, everyone, to the sixth year of Shattering Stigmas, a blogging event all about coming together and speaking up to continue to break down the stigmas that surround mental health. Today is the first of a two-week series taking place across several platforms, so come check out how you can follow and get involved!

Introducing 30 Days of Pride. Hosted by Ben Ace and Taylor Tracy.

Welcome To 30 Days of Pride

Today, my co-host Taylor Tracy, and I are kicking off 30 Days of Pride—a blog series we organized to bring you 30 days worth of uplifting pride-theme content. We hope you’ll join us and our outstanding guests in celebrating this 30 holiday.