Social Media Book Tag

A couple weeks ago, I was tagged by Katie @ Lost In Pages to do the social media book tag! It’s an older tag that was originally created by FaultyDevices on BookTube and carried over into the blogging world; the original video is here. 1. Twitter — Your favorite short book (under 200 pages) I […]

20 Bookish Questions

20 Bookish Questions Tag

As I’m starting to get back in the habit of posting regularly, I thought I’d put some tags in my queue, since they’re simple but fun to do. I found this one from Kayla Reads and Reviews! 1. How many books are too many books in a series? I think when you get to five […]

My Ten Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Happy new year, fellow book readers! I hope you all had a fun and safe celebration and are excited about this new beginning. This year has a lot in store for us, including tons of new books to add to our TBR lists. I’m sure everyone has started thinking about which books they’re going to […]