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Shattering Stigmas Blog Series

Shattering Stigmas was an annual blog series that began in 2015 by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight. Bloggers, authors, bookish content creators, readers, and so many others who understand how difficult this topic can be came together each October to continue the conversation around mental illness in hopes of removing the stigma from it. In 2018, I co-hosted the series with Tay @ Stay On The Page, Madalyn @ Novel Ink, Kitty @ Jelly Fable, and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books from October 6th to 20th. I joined again in November 2020 to co-host Shattering Stigmas again with Tay, as we felt it was more important than ever to talk about mental illness with the world shutting down due to the pandemic and all the other professional, political, and personal struggles many of us dealt with that year.

Below, you can find a list of all Shattering Stigmas posts published on Ace Of Bens.

Mental Health From a Kenyan Perspective by Yvonne Wabai | Shattering Stigmas 4.0

Trigger Warning: Mentions of suicide This year, it was reported that the rate of suicide in Kenya had hit a ten-year high, rising by 58% between 2008 and 2017. Depression has been pinpointed as the cause of the 7000 yearly suicides in Kenya. Looking at the news, it’s not hard to tell that things are… Read More »Shattering Stigmas

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Book Recommendations For Mental Illness Representation by Maram | Shattering Stigmas

Hello, my name is Maram, and I am a newbie bookish blogger. Today in this post I will be recommending some books that feature mental illness topics. I hope you enjoy it and let’s get started! Title: Finding Audrey Author: Sophie Kinsella Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Publication: Delacorte Books, 2015 Goodreads | Amazon This book… Read More »Shattering Stigmas

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Pages and Pills: A Look at Medication and Reading by Harker D. | Shattering Stigmas 4.0

It is not often that I see medication talked about in fiction in more than a passing fashion. Recently, Darius the Great is Not Okay by Abi Khorram offered what I consider to be a great example of not only mental health representation, but an opening for discussion about medication and the difficulty a person… Read More »Shattering Stigmas

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A poem by Gretchen Gomez | Shattering Stigmas 4.0

Gretchen Gomez is a Puerto Rican poet from The Bronx. When home you will find her watching crime shows, cuddling with her dog, or writing—trying to make sense of things. Gretch is a full-time lover of words. She is the author of love, and you and welcome to ghost town which comes out on October… Read More »Shattering Stigmas

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Welcome to Shattering Stigmas 4.0

I feel like I’ve been talking about and planning for this event forever. Now that it’s here, it doesn’t feel real, but oh my goodness do we have a lot in store for all of you. If you haven’t been following along too closely, by “we” I mean me, Tay, Madalyn, Kitty, and Marie. The… Read More »Shattering Stigmas

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Call For Guest Posts! | Shattering Stigmas 4.0

CALL FOR GUEST POSTS! Shattering Stigmas 4.0 is a blogging event with the goal of shattering the stigma around mental illness. Here's how you can participate.

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