Shattering Stigmas was an annual blog series that began in 2015 by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight. Bloggers, authors, bookish content creators, readers, and so many others who understand how difficult this topic can be came together each October to continue the conversation around mental illness in hopes of removing the stigma from it. In 2018, I co-hosted the series with Tay @ Stay On The Page, Madalyn @ Novel Ink, Kitty @ Jelly Fable, and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books from October 6th to 20th. I joined again in November 2020 to co-host Shattering Stigmas again with Tay, as we felt it was more important than ever to talk about mental illness with the world shutting down due to the pandemic and all the other professional, political, and personal struggles many of us dealt with that year.

Below, you can find a list of all Shattering Stigmas posts published on Ace Of Bens.


Q&A with Talia Hibbert | Shattering Stigmas

Today we welcome Talia Hibbert, author of The Brown Sisters series, including the upcoming Act Your Age, Eve Brown. We had the chance to talk about the importance of acknowledging mental health in fiction,…

Shattering Stigmas: Q&A with Julian Winters

Welcome back to Shattering Stigmas! Today we welcome Julian Winters, author of The Summer of Everything, to talk about his books, keeping a balance between the good and the bad in…

Welcome to Shattering Stigmas 2020

Welcome, everyone, to the sixth year of Shattering Stigmas, a blogging event all about coming together and speaking up to continue to break down the stigmas that surround mental health.…
Shattering Stigmas – Maf

Q&A with Maf | Shattering Stigmas

As my blog’s grand finale for Shattering Stigmas 4.0, I would to welcome Maf to Ace Of Bens! Thank you so much to Maf for agreeing to a Q&A and…