Shattering Stigmas 4.0

Shattering Stigmas is a blogging event that started three years ago with Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight hosting. Since its start in 2015, bloggers, authors, writers, readers, and people of all different backgrounds have come together to hold an annual blogging event that further opens the conversation about mental illness so that we can remove the stigma from it. This year, Tay @ Stay On The Page, Madalyn @ Novel Ink, Kitty @ Jelly Fable, Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books, and myself, Ben @ Ace Of Bens are co-hosting this event to bring you even more perspectives and conversations from October 6th to October 20th. Check back frequently as this page will be updated with links to each other posts associated with Shattering Stigmas 4.0!

Tay @ Stay On The Page

October 6th Welcome to Shattering Stigmas 4.0
October 7th It’s Okay Not To Be Okay by Carolina Santana
October 8th Why I Stepped Away by Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight
October 9th An Anxious Reader’s Guide to YA Contemporary by Jill @ A Book Nerd Reads
October 10th A Q&A with Akemi Dawn Bowman, Author of Starfish and Summer Bird Blue
October 11th I Went 2000 Miles from Home, but Home Was All I Could Think About by Taylor Lien
October 12th A Q&A with Jenn Bennett, Author of Alex, Approximately, Starry Eyes and Serious Moonlight
October 13th Imagined Life by Emma Jun
October 14th 5 Mental Health Books I Really Want to Read by Inge @ Of Wonderland
October 15th Creativity at the End of the World by Rey Noble
October 16th Q&A with A.S. King, Author of I Crawl Through It, Still Live With Tornado, and Dig
October 17th Q&A with Fadwa @ Word Wonders

What Most People Don’t Know About My Depression by Silvia V.

October 18th Q&A with Em Ali
October 19th Rooted by Cassandra Chaput
October 20th Shattering Myths Around Addiction by Paula Stokes

The Silencing Of Mental Health (And How to Stop It) by Jessica Sankiewicz

Madalyn @ Novel Ink

October 6th Shattering Stigmas 2018: An Introduction
October 8th On Writing Characters With Mental Illness by Yvonne Wabai @ Randomly Creative
October 10th What I Lost by Alexandra Ballard – Guest Review by Sophie
October 12th The Importance of Mental Health Books in YA (+ recommendations) by Becky @ Coffee Cocktails and Books
October 14th On Mental Illness And Intersectional Identity by Sarah
October 15th What To Know About Therapy by Cindy Bohn
October 16th Finding Solace In Stories by Emma Tobias
October 17th Dealing With Depression by Alexis @ The Sloth Reader
October 18th Mental Health Journeys Aren’t Always Linear by Heidi
October 20th Farewell to Shattering Stigmas 2018!

Kitty @ Jelly Fable

October 6th Welcome To Shattering Stigmas
October 7th The Mirror of Fiction by Rachel Hunter
October 8th How Self-Help Books Helped Me Cope With My Mental Health by Mathieu Céraline @ MATHCRLN
October 10th A Brief Exploration of My Shame as a Survivor by Taylor Tracy @ Stay On The Page
October 12th [Guest Review] Turtles All The Way Down – John Green by Meggan Turner @ Between The Pages
October 14th Q&A With Mark Oshiro, Author of Anger Is A Gift
October 16th Why Mental Health Rep Is So Important In Fantasy by Sapphire @ Simply Sapphire Song
October 18th BookTube Opens Up About Mental Health by Kitty
October 19th Playlist: Take Care Of Yourself by Ben Ace @ Ace Of Bens
October 20th Shattering Stigmas 4.0 Conclusion

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

October 6th Shattering Stigmas – Mental Illness Book Recommendations by Marie and May
October 8th How Can Books Combat the Stigmas Around Mental Illness by Marta
October 9th Dungeons & Dragons & Depression by Kat
October 10th Underneath The Bell Jar by Lily
October 11th My Struggle With Mental Health and Book Recommendations With Incredible Mental Health Representation by Beth
October 12th My Story with Mental Health by Clara
October 13th Be Wary Of Magic Solutions by Morgane
October 14th My Journey Through Mental Illness and Books by Clémence
October 16th Navigating Mental Illness and Culture by Sahkile
October 17th Depression: My Ongoing Path To Recovery by Espita
October 18th Mental Health and the Books That Featured it Right by Simant
October 19th How Reading Books Has Given Me The Space To Be Okay by May
October 20th Sharing My Story & Event Wrap-Up

Ben @ Ace Of Bens

October 6th Welcome to Shattering Stigmas 4.0
October 7th A poem by Gretchen Gomez
October 8th Pages and Pills: A Look at Medication and Reading by Harker D. @ The Hermit Librarian
October 9th Book Recommendations For Mental Illness Representation by Maram @ Enchanted Stories
October 10th Mental Health From a Kenyan Perspective by Yvonne Wabai @ Randomly Creative
October 11th The Anxiety of Coming Out by Ben Ace
October 12th An Open Letter To Depression by Meggan Turner @ Between The Pages
October 13th Book Recommendations by Sav @ Booked On A Feeling
October 15th Job Hunting While Nonbinary by Dan Hunsaker
October 16th A poem by Rhiannon Rae
October 18th Playlist: Songs About Mental Illness
October 19th Messy Fiction by Kitty @ Jellyfable
October 20th Q&A with Maf

It’s Already Over?!

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