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#SBPT – Wrap-up

Good Sunday afternoon, everyone! It is time again for a Summer Blogger Promo Tour post, hosted by The Book Bratz. This week, however, we have reached the end of the Tour, so this is the last week my partner Paige @ It’s A Paige Turner will be bringing you this wonderful bookish content together. As a way of wrapping up, Paige and I decided to post our own reflections on the past two months guided by several questions, which I have answered below. Here’s a look back through the summer!

What was the most fun about #SBPT?

The part of the tour that was the most fun for me was logging on every Sunday and seeing what other groups had done on their blogs and sharing what Paige and I had done that week. I especially liked the post-prompt “Describe your life in 10 book titles or less“, which was interesting to see what Paige and even some other groups said. I think the community aspect of it was great.

What about the most challenging part?

The most challenging part for me was balancing all my other responsibilities around this schedule, but that’s just the blogging life! This was different than personal blogging, because I had someone there to hold me accountable. If I didn’t get something done I couldn’t just say, “Oh, I’ll just post this a different day,” like I had done a lot with my blog before. However, I’m forever thankful that Paige was patient with me and we got almost everything done on schedule. So here’s another thank you to Paige for dealing working with me this summer!

What did you like most about collaborating?

I liked being able to bounce ideas off each other. Whenever one of us was stuck about what to do for a prompt, the other usually had an idea. Or we would talk it out until we had something solid.

Which post from the tour are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of The Cookie Book Tag that we did on the 12th. I think we both gave some pretty great answers, and I’m particularly proud of the cookie header images we used to introduce each question of the tag.

How did you benefit from doing the tour?

I definitely got into the groove of blogging regularly from doing this tour. I posted three times each week for the majority of July and August which is amazing for me. I even have posts planned for the blog all the way through mid-October now!

Do you feel more connected to the book community now?

Definitely! I discovered a lot of blogs I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and I’m thankful to have made these friends through the tour. So shout out to everyone who participated in the Summer Blogger Promo Tour!

Make sure you check out Paige’s wrap up post on her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great day, afternoon, and evening, everyone!