#SBPT – #ShelfieSunday (feat. It’s A Paige Turner)

Welcome back to another edition of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour! We’re your hosts Ben and Paige! (Well, really, the tour is hosted by The Book Bratz, but that’s besides the point.) This week, we’re showing off our bookshelves for Shelfie Sunday. Let’s start with Ben’s shelfies.




So I actually spent all of yesterday cleaning these shelves and the space around it then organizing my books on here. This case obviously isn’t designed for books necessarily, hence the creative bookends. (Peep the Porg POP Figure peaking out of the Rise and Grind mug.)

The top shelf has all the books I’ve used for school or independent study. I have them organized by language (Spanish, English, Japanese, ASL), most of them being written in Spanish. A lot of the books are novels written in Spanish, but I also have some classics (AKA several Shakespeare plays) and a few foreign language grammar books.

The second shelf has the least books, but I can see this one growing over time. This is my shelf of books with queer rep. Side note: The two books laying on their side are too tall to stand upright on that shelf.

And last but not least, the bottom shelf is lovingly named “the everything else shelf.” Essentially this is where the rest of my fantasy/fiction books are. Most of them are Young Adult but I also have some Middle Grade in there. Also, I definitely used to have the entire Percy Jackson series, but I’ve no idea where books 3 and 4 got to. Maybe I’ll find them one day soon… And maybe I’ll have a proper bookcase one day soon!

– Ben @ Ace Of Bens

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Hello! Welcome to my bookshelf that’s probably trying to hold more books than it should. I do have another bookshelf, which is more dedicated to my classics and non-fiction, as well as DVDs and other miscellaneous items, but this one is my main bookshelf.

At the moment, my bookshelf has kind of a loose organizational system. I typically prefer to organize by author last name, but with my ever-growing collection, I’ve had to opt for more or a “let’s make everything fit” system. The top two shelves, except for The Hate U Give, are all TBR; the middle shelf houses most of my favourite series; and then the last three shelves are books that I’ve read. I also keep my current TBR separate from my bookshelf on my nightstand. This way if I finish a book, I can pick up the next one right away.

– Paige @ It’s A Paige Turner

Until next Sunday! Have a great day, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!

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