Book Review Policy

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I am currently closed to review requests.


If you are an author, publisher, agent, or other representative of a book you would like me to review, there are two ways to contact me: 1) Through the contact form that can be found in the navigation menu above or 2) through email at If you do not read the guidelines below, I will likely reject your request.

What do you review?

Age – Mostly young adult, some middle grade and new adult
GenresContemporary, romance, fantasy, etc. If it’s YA or NA, I’ll most likely consider it
Nonfiction – I am pickier with nonfiction than with fiction. Queer theory and history; gender theory; linguistics, especially in grammatical gender, Spanish language, or English language
RepresentationAnxiety disorders; asexual and bisexual characters; transgender and nonbinary characters; characters with synesthesia [All of these would be Own Voices reviews]

What do you NOT review?

AgePicture books or books below middle grade level; Adult books, meaning books meant for audiences past college age
Genres – Horror and thriller

Where do you post reviews?

I post reviews on Ace Of Bens every Tuesday and cross-post them to Goodreads and Amazon. Because I have to cross-post them manually, sometimes it takes me a couple days to do so depending on how busy with school and life I am. A link to new posts on my blog is automatically posted on Twitter.

Do you accept requests for anything other than reviews?

Yes! I will gladly participate in blog tours, do author interviews, host giveaways, and any other ideas you have if the book/content fits the above guidelines. So feel free to contact me with your other ideas.

Other Notes

I prefer physical ARCs but completely understand how limited those can be and will accept eARCs as well.

As a reviewer doing this completely voluntarily, I reserve the right to reject any review request. While I will likely provide a reason for rejection, I also reserve the right not to.

I will not accept any payment for a review other than the free review copy provided. If you wish to compensate me for my efforts, you can donate to my Ko-fi, but your donation still will not affect my review in any way.

That being said, I will not write a positive review for a book I don’t like. So if you are uncomfortable with the possibility of a negative review, please do not submit a request.

All requests, comments, and questions can be sent to