Between my role as a graphic designer for La Salle University’s Campus Activities Center, my digital arts coursework at the same university, and creating bookish content as a blogger, I have over 6 years of experience in digital illustration, graphic design, photography, and social media management. Two recurring themes in my work have been storytelling and accessibility. I find I enjoy this job the most when I’m helping others share their stories and helping to bring them to diverse audiences.

Featured Image: Explorientation Brunch Tickets

Explorientation Brunch Tickets

Summer 2022 For the first day of move-in weekend, the Office of Orientation and Dining Services needed physical tickets to give to families who were helping move their students onto campus. As an orientation leader, I worked with my supervisor and Dining Services to plan an effective way of giving families enough time to bring […]

Photoshop Collage

Spring 2021 – Basic Design (DART 102) Our first assignment for Basic Design asked us to practice our Photoshop skills by creating a mythical creature with pieces from the La Salle University Art Museum and open-source images. Looking through the museum’s digital collections, I found Johannes Hannot’s “Still Life with Fruit” which I used at […]
Featured: Ace Of Bens Logo

Ace Of Bens Logo

2019 The logo for my former book blog, which has since been transformed into this portfolio, was my first major project on Illustrator. I created it as I was taking my first graphic design classes in which I was just beginning to learn all that Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator could do. Going into this personal […]