Between my role as a graphic designer for La Salle University’s Campus Activities Center, my digital arts coursework at the same university, and creating bookish content as a blogger, I have over 6 years of experience in digital illustration, graphic design, photography, and social media management. Two recurring themes in my work have been storytelling and accessibility. I find I enjoy this job the most when I’m helping others share their stories and helping to bring them to diverse audiences.


Trans Rights Walk Out

Spring 2023 - DART 268: Digital Photography | In response to a record number of anti-trans bills just a few months into 2023, students from Philadelphia high schools staged a walk out and marched from City Hall to the school district admin building, demanding their safety concerns be heard. I attended the walk out to capture photos of the event for my final project for a photography class.

Succulent Door Decs

Spring 2023 || As a Resident Assistant, every semester we create name tags, or door decs for our residents. This semester I wanted something "springy" that wouldn't feel out of place going up in January, so I came up with these plant illustrations for my residents.