Personal Brand Sheet

Spring 2023 — DART 301: Typography for Web and Print
  • Logo of my name, Ben Ace. The B is the largest letter and the counters, or white space, of the letter is removed. Anchored at the bottom, there is a spade shape in place of the B's counters. To the right of the B are the letters E and N on a line over the letters C and E. The capital B, E, and N are the same shade of medium green. The spade shape, C, and E are the same lighter shade of green to show the spade is acting as the capital A in my last name.
  • Moodboard graphic showing ten logos that caught my attention as being similar in some way to how I wanted my letter logo to look and feel. To the right of that are three typesheets displaying thick, bubble fonts. On the right edge of the graphic shows a palette of twelve colors.
  • Graphic showing about twenty sketches of a capital letter B and spade shapes to show my brainstorming process from the creation of the letter logo.
  • Graphic showing seven variations of the same logo, which are all the same shape but different colors. The logos are of a capital letter B with the top space, or counter filled in. At the bottom of the letterform, a spade shape is cut out. The first logo variation, which is twice the size as the other six, shows the log with a rainbow gradient. The other six are all solid color: orange, green, blue, pink, white, and yellow.
  • Photo of Ben pointing to his letter logo displayed at a student work exhibition.
  • Ben Ace Brand Style Sheet. Panel One: A single letter logo in yellow of the capital B with the spade in a lighter shade anchored at the bottom of the B shape. Panel Two: Green logo of my full name, Ben Ace, spelled out in a line with the logo from the previous panel in place of the capital B in my name. Panel Three: Orange logo of my name , Ben Ace. The B logo is the main focus, with the letters E and N on a line over the letters C and E to spell out the rest of my name. The letters spelling out "Ben" are filled in with solid orange. The spade is cut out of the capital B and the letters C and E are outlined in solid orange. Panel Four: Colors. Primary color. Used in titles, logos, and other identity-related assets. The list underneath details the hex codes of the shades of green, orange, and yellow used in branding. Secondary colors. For the purpose of variation in content creation. The list underneath details the hex codes of the shades of red, blue, and purple used in branding. Panel Five: Typography. First font: Hobeaux, an art-nouveau-inspired font with soft corners and no straight lines. Second font: Raleway, a simple sans-serif font made of mono-weight straight lines and circles. Third font: PT Serif, a classic and easily legible serif font. Panels Six, Seven, and Eight: Repeating pattern of spade outlines in three different color schemes derived from the colors outlined in the panel above.