On A Case Bi Case Basis: What Bi Means To Me

This event, often shortened to Case Bi Case or OACBCB, is a blogging series hosted by Stay On The Page and Ace Of Bens. The purpose of this series is to show that the bisexual and biromantic labels are very extensive and diverse labels with as many definitions as there are people. Through personal essays written by guest posters, we hope that readers will be able to appreciate the identity. All of the posts included in this series can be found below.

Featured on Stay On The Page

March 2nd On a Case Bi Case Basis: Introduction Post
March 3rd On a Case Bi Case Basis: Taylor Lien
March 5th TBA
March 6th TBA
March 7th TBA
March 8th TBA
March 9th TBA

Featured on Ace Of Bens

March 3rd On A Case Bi Case Basis | Introduction
March 4th Day One: What Bi Means To Me by Silvia
March 5th Day Two
March 6th Day Three
March 7th Day Four
March 8th Day Five
March 9th Wrap-up