Guest Post Policy

Since Ace Of Bens has increasingly become a place for blogging events, guest reviews, and other features that writers other than me have created, I realized it was time to make a guest post policy. This is a set of guidelines and information for all guest posters. If you are planning on submitting a guest post for any event or purpose, please read through this page! It applies to book reviews, list posts, narrative pieces, and any other content.


In short, you own anything and everything you send to me to post. I look at it as you simply giving me permission to publish your words, photos, video, etc. on my website. Therefore you continue to have the right to repost anything on your own blog or another website. In the future, if you want me to edit or remove your content, I will do so with no questions asked. No matter what, it is your content.


The editing process for most blogging events is relatively short. After you submit all content to me, I will lightly edit the text meaning that I’m searching for spelling errors, major grammatical errors, and any wording that does not make sense. Additionally, I may move any images around in the text to ensure the post looks aesthetically pleasing. These are the only edits I will make without consulting the guest poster first.

I will not, however, edit the text’s content or style without first consulting you. The same goes for images, videos, audio, etc. Since this is your content and your post, you have the final say. If you find something that you would like edited after the post has been published, please let me know, and I will change it as soon as possible.

Content Warnings

I ask that you add content warnings at the top of the post or text before sending it to me because it makes it easier on my end. If you do not add them, I will do it myself. When considering what content warnings to add, there are two ways I do so on Ace Of Bens: 1) If the post is mainly talking about another piece of media—ex. a review of a book, movie, etc.—please add content warnings for any possibly triggering aspect you remember in that piece of media. 2) For all other types of posts, please add content warnings for the topics within your post.

What’s Not Allowed

Slurs – These words can be mentioned of course, but they will be censored with asterisks.

Inherently hateful speech – I’m no stranger to posting about controversial topics and gladly welcome others’ opinions on almost anything. However, I will not tolerate sentiments or speech that threaten the physical or emotional well-being of others, be it a specific person or a group. This point is up to my interpretation and all decisions are final.

If you have any questions about anything I have written here, please contact me!

Examples of guest posts can be found below.

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