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  • The Stay At Home Book Tag

    The Stay At Home Book Tag

    I was tagged by Delly @ Dellybird to do the Stay at Home Book Tag, originally created by Madison @ Princess of Paperback!

  • End Of The Year Book Tag

    End Of The Year Book Tag

    Yes, yes, I know. It’s not quite the end of 2019. I mean, we still have a little bit of November and all of December to worry about, but boy oh boy are those some busy times. When I mentally ran over my schedule for the rest of the year, I realized I’m not going to […]

  • Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

    Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

    Hey, friends! Today I’m doing the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag created by The Book Archer on YouTube. It seems kind of similar to the NOPE Book Tag that I did a few months ago, but I’m going to try picking different answers for this! A popular book or series that you didn’t like I could […]

  • Reading Habits Tag

    Reading Habits Tag

    Hello friends! Today I’m back with the Reading Habits Tag created by Cornerfolds. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? Nothing special, just my bed. It’s the most convenient place to read. Bookmark or a random piece of paper? I love bookmarks, and I have a ton of them, but I still […]

  • Gotta Read ‘Em All: Pokémon Book Tag

    Gotta Read ‘Em All: Pokémon Book Tag

    In honor of the new Detective Pikachu movie hitting theaters yesterday, I thought it’d be appropriate to find a Pokémon tag to do. I stumbled upon the Gotta Read ‘Em All tag by Sammantha @ ThatBookishGamer, and I figured I’d give it a go, since I am, indeed, trying to read all the books. Ugh, […]

  • The A to Z Book Survey

    The A to Z Book Survey

    Hey, everyone! I’m back today with a book tag called The A to Z Book Survey. I’m not going to tag anyone at the end, so if you like it, feel free to do it too. A – Author you’ve read the most books from Okay, so if we’re counting manga, it’s Arakawa Hiromu. But […]

  • Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag! [2018 Edition]

    I have barely read anything this year and I’ve only made like three posts on my blog in 2018, so this should be fun! Maybe this will embarrass encourage me to get back into blogging. 1. What’s the best book you’ve read in 2018 so far? I really fell in love with A Darker Shade of Magic last […]