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Hyperallergic. Spring 2023. Magazine Spreads. DART 301. Typography for Web and Print. Designs by Ben Ace.

Art Magazine Spreads

Spring 2023 — DART 301: Typography || As an exercise in making design choices that create a typographic hierarchy, I had to design these magazine spreads using an article chosen by the professor and include all four images and their captions.

Late Night La Salle. Brand & Social Media Style Guide.

Late Night La Salle — Brand Style Guide

Late Night La Salle is a twice-weekly event series put on by La Salle University’s Campus Activities Center. I created this Brand & Social Media Style Guide as an exercise in branding during my time as a graphic designer for the department.

Trans Rights Walk Out

Spring 2023 – DART 268: Digital Photography | In response to a record number of anti-trans bills just a few months into 2023, students from Philadelphia high schools staged a walk out and marched from City Hall to the school district admin building, demanding their safety concerns be heard. I attended the walk out to capture photos of the event for my final project for a photography class.

Graphic that says "DART 268: Intro to Photography Portfolio" on top of a black and white photo of a cloudy sky. At the bottom of the photo is the top branches of a bare tree, and above the text is a bird flying.

DART 268: Intro to Photography Portfolio

Spring 2023 – DART 268: Digital Photography || Throughout the semester, I captured photos demonstrating basic concepts of photography related to perspective, motion, composition, and more. This is a partial collection of photos from this intro to digital photography course.

Typographic Portraits

Spring 2023 – DART 301: Typography || Using as little supporting imagery as possible, I had to pick from a list of prompts and design a graphic that displayed my name in a way that conveyed that prompt’s meaning. The purpose of the exercise was to explore how typography choices can tell just as much of a story as the words they’re displaying.

Personal Brand Sheet

Building off an assignment from my digital arts coursework, I developed this style sheet for reference and to explain how I represent my personal brand.

Image of four illustrated succulent plants, each of a different type of plant with a different color scheme and different name on each pot.

Succulent Door Decs

Spring 2023 || As a Resident Assistant, every semester we create name tags, or door decs for our residents. This semester I wanted something “springy” that wouldn’t feel out of place going up in January, so I came up with these plant illustrations for my residents.

Comic Sound Effect Door Decs

Fall 2022 || As a Resident Assistant, every semester we create name tags, or door decs for our residents. This semester, our staff decided on a Marvel theme for the building. I chose to design my hallway around Miles Morales and designed these comic style sound effect door decs for my residents.