DART 268: Intro to Photography Portfolio

Graphic that says "DART 268: Intro to Photography Portfolio" on top of a black and white photo of a cloudy sky. At the bottom of the photo is the top branches of a bare tree, and above the text is a bird flying.

Throughout the semester, I had several assignments to capture photos that showed different basic elements of photography in order to better understand what makes a good photograph. These assignments were divided into different categories as we expanded on the previous weeks’ concepts, but below I have collected all the photos together. You can view which […]

Trans Rights Walk Out

On March 31, 2023, transgender and non-binary people and their allies gathered at City Hall in Philadelphia for a Trans Day of Visibility demonstration organized by Philly Trans March. They focused on boosting the voices of trans and non-binary youth, who are the target of the majority of recent surge in anti-trans legislature in the […]

Letter Logo

Graphic showing seven variations of the same logo, which are all the same shape but different colors. The logos are of a capital letter B with the top space, or counter filled in. At the bottom of the letterform, a spade shape is cut out. The first logo variation, which is twice the size as the other six, shows the log with a rainbow gradient. The other six are all solid color: orange, green, blue, pink, white, and yellow.

Spring 2023 – Typography (DART 301) In my Typography for Web and Print class, we began by designing pieces featuring just a few letters and worked up to pieces featuring larger blocks of text with typographic hierarchies. My first major assignment was to create a personal logo using just one or two letters. I choose […]

Succulent Door Decs

Image of four illustrated succulent plants, each of a different type of plant with a different color scheme and different name on each pot.

Spring 2023 As an Resident Assistant at La Salle University, every semester we create name tags, or door decs, for our residents. Our staff decided against a building-wide theme for the spring 2023 semester, and I wanted to design door decs that felt “springy” but wouldn’t feel out of place going up in January. Immediately, […]

Comic Sound Effect Door Decs

Fall 2022 As an Resident Assistant at La Salle University, every semester we create name tags, or door decs, for our residents. For the Fall 2022 semester, the staff in my residence hall chose to do a Marvel Theme, and each RA picked a different character for their hall. I created these comic style sound […]

Explorientation Brunch Tickets

Summer 2022 For the first day of move-in weekend, the Office of Orientation and Dining Services needed physical tickets to give to families who were helping move their students onto campus. As an orientation leader, I worked with my supervisor and Dining Services to plan an effective way of giving families enough time to bring […]

Color Theory Mandalas

Fall 2021 – Color Theory (DART 215) For my final project in color theory, I had to design line art for a mandala using Adobe Illustrator then color it in three different ways using three different color palettes—one split complementary, one analogous, and one monochromatic. 

Book Mockups

2021-2022 As digital review copies of books became more common and I began buying audiobooks more often than physical copies, I had to improvise to be able to continue making visual content that would stand out on Bookstagram. Plenty of Bookstagrammers do a great job making graphics for book recs, lists, reviews, and other content, […]