Book Mockups


As digital review copies of books became more common and I began buying audiobooks more often than physical copies, I had to improvise to be able to continue making visual content that would stand out on Bookstagram. Plenty of Bookstagrammers do a great job making graphics for book recs, lists, reviews, and other content, but the part of content creating I enjoyed most was staging and editing photos.

So I looked through the hard covers I own, found one that was solid white under the dust jacket and used it to stage photos that I would later superimpose digital covers on in Adobe Photoshop. Hover your cursor over the images on this page to see the original!

I deactivated my Bookstagram with nearly 1,000 followers after leaving book blogging with plans to move onto other projects. I recreated my account recently and have plans to be more active in 2024 with both artsy and bookish content. Find me at @aceofbens