About Me


Hey everyone, I’m Ben. As a general introduction, I start by saying I’m a college student at a Pennsylvania university working towards a B.A. in Spanish with minors in English and digital media technologies. One day I hope to use that to become a literary translator. Along the way, I hope to learn some other languages as well, since linguistics fascinates me. Aside from academics, I am the treasurer of my uni’s College Democrats and

Most of what I read is YA fiction. Though I’ve been trying to expand, so you’ll also find me talking about graphic novels, non-fiction, poetry, and other genres in young adult, new adult, middle grade, and adult age groups. More specifically, I tend to gravitate toward stories with diverse characters at the forefront.  I’ll give most books a try if they focus on queer subjects or plotlines and have a bias toward books about gender and latine experiences as those are my two main areas of study.

In addition to book reviews, I post opinion pieces, narratives, and other essay-style posts. These range from my experience with anxiety in an academic setting to what I think about the latest inter-community queer discourse. I have no plans to make this style of post the most prominent on Ace Of Bens but will continue to post them as inspiration strikes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ben Ace