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About Me

headshot0919My name is Ben Ace. I’m a blogger who loves books, baseball, and learning new things. Although my studies are on pause for the time being, I’m working towards a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish and digital media technology. One day I hope to use that to become a literary or journalistic translator.

Aside from blogging, I write creatively and am working on a contemporary fiction project at the moment. You’ll see me talk about it much more on social media than on this blog, except in July and November when I do NaNoWriMo and post updates.

About The Blog

Here on Ace Of Bens, you’ll find book reviews, general bookish talk, advocacy pieces on anything from mental health to queer rights, and sometimes opinion pieces on similar subjects. I want to stress that the main focus here is discussing books, but since this is ultimately my personal blog, I want to leave it open to other topics once in a while. Hence the tagline, “Home of Ace Book Reviews and Ben’s Thoughts.”

So what kind of books do I talk about? Just about no genre is off-limits, but I do focus on Young Adult books and sometimes step into the Middle Grade and New Adult worlds. Most of the books I talk about here are fiction, but I have been trying to read more non-fiction as well and have started reviewing them as well.

I post three times a week: A review every Tuesday, and posts in any other category every Sunday and Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by!

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