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About Ben Ace

Photo of Ben Ace at graduation. The photo is framed in a paint splotch shape.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Digital Arts from La Salle University in 2023. Before attending La Salle, I spent most of my free time from 2017 to 2020 as a book blogger. Whether I was sharing my “Reading Wrapped” inspired by Spotify Wrapped or organizing a pride month themed blog series that welcomed over 40 authors, bookish influencers and other publishing professionals as guest posters, I constantly looked for creative ways to boost marginalized voices in fiction and put titles that might otherwise go unnoticed on reader’s radars. In the past, I have partnered with publicists from imprints of HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster as well as authors such as Talia Hibbert, Anna-Marie McLemore, and Julian Winters to promote their titles through reviews, giveaways, and interviews.

At the end of 2020, I took a hiatus from blogging to finish my degree. Over these years, I worked four on-campus jobs across student affairs and admissions. Now I am returning to blogging as a way to keep my digital art and social media skills sharp while I find a full-time opportunity where I can put my degree and digital skills to good use. Check back here for more blog posts or find links to my social media at the bottom of the page to keep in touch. I’d always love to hear about what books you’ve enjoyed recently!


Here to reach out about employment opportunities?

I can’t wait to hear how we can work together! Before you hit submit, please keep the following in mind:

  • I am not accepting freelance gigs.
  • I am searching exclusively for full-time opportunities.
  • I am primarily searching for a role in graphic design or social media.
  • I can work remotely or in the greater Philadelphia area, with a preference to on-site or hybrid in Philly.
  • I am open to opportunities in any industry, not just publishing!

You can find more information about my education and experience on my LinkedIn profile linked at the bottom of the page.

Here to reach out about a book review or other blog-related inquiries?

Awesome! I’m always looking to promote exciting stories in YA and Adult contemporary fiction.

  • I am currently open to bookish partnerships including but not limited to book reviews, cover reveals, and giveaways.
  • If you’re a publicist, author, agent or anyone else looking for help promoting a title, send me a message so we can chat about collaborating.