About Ben Ace

Born and raised in the Pocono Mountains, I grew up cycling through hobbies, always wanting to do everything. By the time I finished high school, I had settled on declaring Spanish as my major when I got to college because I found linguistics fascinating and everyone kept telling me how rich and successful I’d be if I became a translator. Flash forward a few years. The two main things I learned in college were that it turns out being a translator/interpreter requires a lot of freelance work and that the piece of translation work that I loved the most was reading a story in one language—whether it was an actual fiction story, a personal essay, or something more formal like court documents or marketing copy—and figuring out how to relay the story’s tone and message in another language to broaden the audience. So I took a step back and re-evaluated.

During one of the most challenging times of my life, I suddenly got really into sports. Like I said, I grew up in northeast Pennsylvania, at the intersection of multiple major sports media markets and in between two hubs of minor league professional sports, and I grew up playing softball and volleyball, so this industry has always been in my periphery. Diving into MLB games every night through the summer turned into learning what the heck is going on in hockey turned into discovering the passionate fan bases in women’s leagues. I found online community here and, later, in-person community, while finishing my degree at La Salle University during the Phillies’, Eagles’, and Union’s pennant-winning seasons.

Luckily, I also minored in digital arts, which allowed me to take classes in graphic design, web design, and typography and work as a graphic designer and social media manager for my university’s Campus Activities. Plus, I spent three years as a book blogger, during which I interviewed authors such as Talia Hibbert, author Get a Life Chloe Brown, and Julian Winters, author of Running With Lions, and hosted blog series that invited guest posters to talk about their experiences around a selected theme.