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Kate Reña | 30 Days of Pride

30 Days of Pride, Hosted by Ben Ace and Taylor Tracy. "I'm Proud Of You" by Kate Reña.
Welcome to the first guest post of 30 Days of Pride. Kate Reña kicks us off with a reminder that, although it feels like we have a never-ending road ahead of us in the fight for equality, we have come a long way already in their love letter to the community.

I am asexual, & proud.
I am nonbinary, & proud.
Relative to the vast majority of people who claim these identities? I am, also, old as balls. (I’m pretty proud of that, too, on account of the fact I have survived a lot of shite over the last 47 years, & I am still here.)
What I’m really proud of, though, is y’all. You kids & young adults can get off my lawn who’ve brought these identities into the public eye. Who’ve stood up & said I am standing right here when others have said that asexuality is “just a phase,” that being nonbinary is “against biology.”
Cos without them — without all of YOU — I’d still be figuring out who the hell I am & what the hell is wrong with me. (Turns out, it’s nothing.)
I mean it’s not like the concepts are new? I know the queer community has been talking about asexuality as a queer identity since at least the 1970’s, & people who aren’t men or women (or some of each) have been acknowledged in lots of cultures, all round the world, for a zillionty years.
But it’s y’all who’ve brought both of these ideas into the modern age & got the word out so us old folk could find out about them, too. You’re the ones taking most of the crap from the terfs & exclusionist & radfems who’re trying to drive us out of our own communities, & you are still here.
We are still here.
Thank you.
I’m proud of you.

Kate Reña makes soap, is owned by three cats who all want to go for a walk right now, & aspires to live on the road part-time. Support them on Patreon or join them for smartassery, shitposting, & cat pictures on the Twitters.

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