30 Days of Pride

Missed a post from 30 Days of Pride? No worries! This page is here to keep track of everything going on so that you don’t have to. Check back each day in June to scroll through our list of posts by blog so that you don’t miss any of the Good Queer Content™. The posts are organized by blog host and listed chronologically. Below all of the posts is information about the giveaways associated with the series, so be sure to scroll all the way down!

Tay @ Stay on the Page

June 3 Introducing 30 Days of Pride!
June 4  “How Discovering Drag Helped Me Find a Queer Community” by Madalyn @ Novel Ink
June 5 Home in the LGBTQPIA+ Community by Dalton Valette
June 6 Q&A with Rosiee Thor, Author of Tarnished are the Stars
June 7 “A Love Letter to Fanfiction” by Lee Blauersouth
June 8 Q&A with Zack Smedley, Author of Deposing Nathan
June 9 Writing Aromantic Characters by Tanya Lisle
June 10 The Glorious Unknown by Alyssa Zaczek, Author of Martin McLean, Middle School Queen
June 11 Q&A with Abdi Nazemian, Author of Like a Love Story and The Authentics
June 12 My Story of Self-Discovery” by Kali Rainwater
June 13 Q&A with L.J. Hamlin
June 14 From Friends to Girlfriends by Taylor Lien
June 15 The Prom, Girls and Other Things I’m a Little Obsessed With by Taylor Tracy
June 17 Q&A with Lisa Jenn Bigelow, Author of Drum Roll, Please and Hazel’s Theory of Evolution
June 18 The Beauty of Attraction by Rosa Taylor
June 19 In Defense of Selfies by Rey Noble
June 20 Q&A with Derek Milman, Author of Scream All Night and Swipe Right for Murder
June 21 Cigarettes by Brian Hicks
June 22 It’s Okay to Always Be Discovering Yourself by Mari Johnston
June 25 Q&A with Greg Howard, Author of Social Intercourse and The Whispers
June 26 Great Books with Bisexual Representation by Sam @ Some Books & Ramblings
June 27 A Journey of Self-Discovery from Becca @ Becca’s Book Realm
June 28 Being Me by Savvy @ Savvy the Book Royal
June 29 A Guest Post from Olivia Hinebaugh, Author of The Birds, The Bees, and You & Me
June 30 On Pride and Queer Rep Year-Round by Maya Gittelman

Ben @ Ace Of Bens

June 1 Welcome to 30 Days of Pride Hosted by Ben Ace and Taylor Tracy
The Gaylist: A Gay Playlist of Pride Jams, Bangers, and Bops
June 2 Kate Reña – “I’m proud of you”
June 3 Q&A with Mina Waheed, Author of Soft On Soft and Graham’s Delicacies
June 4 30 Days of Pride Tag [Original Tag]
June 5 “My First Pride Parade” by Elin @ Annotated Paperbacks
June 6 Q&A with Bill Konigsberg, Author of The Music Of What Happens
June 7 Justina: Coming Out Stories
June 8 Book Spotlight: Once & Future — Shon @ Books and Bugs
June 9 Eight Books You Need to Fill Your Summer With Pride by Julian Winters, author of Running With Lions and How to Be Remy Cameron
June 10 My Bisexual Coming Out Story by Sam @ Some Books & Ramblings
June 11 “This Pride Month…” by Anonymous
June 12 Books With Happy Gays (Part Two) by Ben Ace
June 13 One Day at a Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Me by Megan Manzano
June 14 Bi Characters in Science Fiction & Fantasy by Sage
June 15 “Colette, Anaïs, and Me” by Michelle Ruiz Keil, Author of All Of Us With Wings
June 16 “Where I’ve Found Parts of Myself” by Harker D.
June 17 “on my experience being non-binary” by Rhiannon
June 18 Q&A with Kacen Callender
June 20 Queer Books to Look For in the Last Half of 2019
June 21 Q&A with M.K. England, author of The Disasters and Spellhacker
June 24 Q&A with CB Lee, author of Not Your Sidekick and Seven Tears at High Tide
June 25 Favorite Aromantic Characters by Gretal
June 26 Q&A with Christine Lynn Herman, Author of The Devouring Gray
June 28 Q&A with Anna-Marie McLemore, Author of Blanca & Roja and Dark and Deepest Red
June 30 Coming soon!

30 Days of Pride Giveaways

Giveaway of an ARC of The Gravity Of Us by Phil Stamper

[GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED] So, long story short, Ben ended up with two ARCs of this book at BookExpo. He promises this was an accident, but either way, one of you lucky readers will benefit! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! This giveaway is open internationally and ends at 12:00 a.m. EST on June 22nd, 2019. View the full giveaway policy here.

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