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Shattering Stigmas 5.0 Call For Submissions

Greetings everyone! It is that time of year again (already?!) when I announce that Ace Of Bens will host another blog series. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll remember that last October I co-hosted a blog series about mental illness and the stigmas surrounding it. Well, that is coming up again soon, so get ready for Shattering Stigmas 5.0!

What is the Shattering Stigmas blog series?

Shattering Stigmas was originally created and hosted by Shannon @ It Happens at Midnight. Since then, it has expanded and seen several different hosts including myself, Tay @ Stay On The Page, Kitty @ Jellyfable, Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books, and Madalyn @ Novel Ink in 2018. The full list of hosts for 2019 is not yet confirmed.

Since it’s conception, Shattering Stigmas has featured hundreds of posts, stories, discussions, media recommendations, and more. This year we hope to add on by showcasing even more pieces from even more voices who want to talk about mental health.

What are you looking for?

Anything that you have to say on the topic of mental illness and breaking the stigmas surrounding it. This can be in the format of a personal story, fictional story, recommendation list, self-care tips, book/movie/media spotlight, video, poetry, etc. We don’t want to limit you in any way, shape or form, so take our broad topic and have at it! It doesn’t have to be a long, inspirational, ground-breaking piece either. Anything you have to say is something we want to hear.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of the posts from last year’s series.

What does the timeline of this event look like?

August 30th — I would like to know by the end of the month if you are participating so that you have enough time to write and ask me questions if you need to. I will, of course, accept new participants after this date, and, since life happens, you’re not legally bound to participate or anything. It just helps me to plan how many posts I have for the 14 days of the series.

September 1st – 30th — Post writing happens! Feel free to ask me any questions and send your piece to me early to look over it and anything else you need. If you’ve been on the fence about doing the series and decide during this month that you do want to submit a piece, this is a great time to reach out.

September 30th — Last day to submit a post. I would like to have a few days before the series starts to plan everything out so it runs as smoothly as possible.

October 6th – 19th — Shattering Stigmas 5.0 happens!

How can I participate?

Contact me! I’m looking for as many people as possible to write posts, and I welcome people from all walks of life. I never deny anyone for these series because all voices are important and we need yours! We hosts are especially looking for guest posters of marginalized backgrounds to diversify the content we feature. Also—I say this every time but—you certainly do not need to be a part of the bookish/publishing community to participate just because Ace Of Bens is a book-centered blog. (Looking at you, IRL friends 👀) So if you’re interested, you can message me on Twitter or Instagram, comment below, or email me at

It’s time to talk, share, and break the stigma.

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