Oh Gosh, What Is Ben Doing Now? BookTube Announcement!2 min read

I’ve been blogging for just over two years now. It’s been a complete joy, and I have no plans to stop doing this any time soon! Don’t worry, that’s not what this post is about! I’ve done so many reviews and hosted so many wonderful guest bloggers and authors and shared so many of my opinions on here. In an effort to continue growing my presence in the community, I’ve considered other platforms to rant such as podcasts, BookTube, and even just adding video or audio content to this blog. But in the last week, I’ve decided the next step I’d like to take.

If you follow me on Twitter, maybe you saw a tiny little BookTube announcement I made:

I am starting a BookTube Channel! It’s kind of a weird origin story because I got the ambition from doing Instagram stories. I noticed that sometimes it was easier to just talk about certain things than it was to sit down and write. Plus I’ve always had a big mouth, so maybe a platform like YouTube was just inevitable.

For now, I’ll keep reviews to the blog. It’s a lot easier to start and go back to add or edit a written blog post than a video that’s how I tend to write reviews. Until I get into the swing of video-making and figure out my style, I’ll mostly be posting tags and reading updates on YouTube, but I hope you’ll consider following me on this journey. At the very least you can laugh at how awkward I am. Maybe it won’t stick around forever. But this is something I’ve been tossing around in my head since last summer and I’m finally putting my ideas into action… or rather onto the internet.

And now…

*drum roll*

Along with the BookTube Announcement, I posted my first video ever, the BookTube Newbie Tag. So take a gander as I explain some points of my reading history and introduce myself to a brand new sub-section of the bookish community 💙

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3 Replies to “Oh Gosh, What Is Ben Doing Now? BookTube Announcement!

  1. Ahh you’re so brave to start a booktube!! I love being able to talk on Insta stories too but making a YouTube channel is so much work 😂 Best of luck Ben!!

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