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Welcome back to 30 Days of Pride! Today, my friend Rhiannon is here with a poem (that I love and relate to so much) about being non-binary. I very much admire their poetic ability and way of expressing themself, and I’m so excited to have them back as a guest poster!

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on my experience being non-binary.

it’s not so much that the word woman sends a tremor through me.
no doubt it can hold power, no doubt for some it is harrowing.
for me the issue is something more like being seen in my completeness.
my long locks more the roots of trees than indicative of my ‘her-ness’.
my curves and skin, soft and pale, more moonlight than femaleness.
these things on me and in me are a picture more vast.
don’t try to chain me, pull my faerie heart in with a clasp.
do not lock me in tiny boxes, made of shapes i cannot fit in, that i flee from.
for i am made of constellations, a comet you could never hope to reign in.

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