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Happy Gays - 30 Days of Pride

Welcome back to 30 Days of Pride on Ace Of Bens! Today, I wanted to add a Part Two to a post I did back in February. I’d made a list of nine books that followed queer characters that don’t die or suffer because they are queer. There are already more than enough books with the Tragic Gays and Bury Your Gays tropes, so here’s ten more books with none of those trope, but instead with happy gays. Additionally, I’ve expanded my criteria for Part Two, so it’s not just books with same-gender pairings but also a couple books with transgender characters regardless of if their love interest is of a similar or different gender.

I wanted to post this today, on June 12th because it’s the third anniversary of the devastating Pulse shooting in Orlando. Today is a day of mourning for many of us, so I want to add a bit of happiness and hope with this list of recommendations. I also purposely focused on gathering books by and about people of color because so many of the victims were people of color. So be sure to add these to your TBR to support books about queer characters, but more importantly, check on your qpoc friends. Make sure they’re safe and happy, not just today but everyday.

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Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas #1) by Zoraida Córdova

Rep: Bisexual main character

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Young Adult

Sourcebooks Fire / 6 September 2016

Goodreads | Indiebound | Amazon

Cover of Let's Talk About Love by Claire KannLet’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann ♠

Rep: Asexual biromantic main character

Genre: Contemporary / Romance

Age: New Adult

Swoon Reads / 23 January 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

Cover of Moonstruck, Vol. 1 by Grace EllisMoonstruck, Vol. 1: Magic to Brew by Grace Ellis ♠

Rep: F/F Romance; Enby side character

Genre: Fantasy / Mystery / Graphic Novel

Age: New Adult

Image Comics / 27 March 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

Seven Tears at High Tide by C.B. Lee

Rep: Bisexual Main Character, M/M romance

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

Age: Young Adult

Interlude Press / 15 October 2015

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

Cover of Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemoreBlanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore ♠

Rep: Transmasculine Love Interest

Genre: Magical Realism

Age: Young Adult

Feiwel & Friends / 9 October 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

Cover of Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuistonRed, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston ♠

Rep: Bisexual main character, Gay love interest

Genre: Romance / Political Fiction

Age: New Adult

St. Martin’s Griffin / 14 May 2019

Goodreads | IndieBound| Amazon

Cover of The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy SpaldingThe Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding

Rep: Lesbian Main Character

Genre: Contemporary

Age: Young Adult

Sky Pony Press / 3 April 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

Cover of On A Sunbeam by Tillie WaldenOn A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden ♠

Rep: Lesbian Main Character & Love interest; Enby Side Character

Genre: Science Fiction / Graphic Novel

Age: Young Adult

First Second / 2 October 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

The Prince and The Dressmaker by Jen Wang ♠

Rep: TF/F

Genre: Romance / Graphic Novel

Age: Young Adult

First Second / 13 February 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

Cover of Running With Lions by Julian WintersRunning With Lions by Julian Winters

Rep: Bisexual Main Character

Genre: Contemporary / Sports /Romance

Age: Young Adult

Duet Books / 7 June 2018

Goodreads | IndieBound | Amazon

♠ – DISCLAIMER: I have only read the books with a spade symbol after the author’s name. I’ll be happy to provide more details for those books. Unfortunately, cannot offer the same for the books in this list that were suggested to me.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Books With Happy Queer Characters? Give Me More Suggestions In The Comments!

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