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On A Case Bi Case Basis - What "Bi" Means To Me

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! If you have found this post, hopefully, you’re just as excited as I am to announce the newest blogging series, On A Case Bi Case Basis: What Bi Means To Me, hosted by Tay @ Stay On The Page and yours truly.

About On A Case Bi Case Basis

This week we have a bunch of personal essays in store for you that talk about why people identify as bisexual and/or biromantic and their relationship with the label. The idea was born from a conversation Tay and I had in our group chat with several other bloggers about 20BiTeen and the recent resurgence of bi- vs. pan- discourse. We believe that both identities are completely valid. No one should be pressured into using a different label just because it’s comfortable for other people. And from March 2nd to 9th, 20BiTeen, we want to feature voices from those who identify as bi.

Collectively, we will have at least one post per day on our blogs from fellow bloggers, friends, and authors explaining in 2,000 words or less what “bi” means to them. It’s a label that has as many definitions as there are people. So this is an opportunity for readers to see how several people use it to define themselves. A full list of posts can be found here, so if you miss a day, it’ll be easy to find the post(s)!

Comment Policy

The last thing I want to mention is that Tay and I are very serious about keeping this a safe place to talk about our queer identities (bi or otherwise). Therefore, no comments threatening the safety and/or emotional wellbeing of any hosts, guest posters, or readers will be tolerated. All comments on both of our blogs must be approved before publishing and we reserve the right to deny any that we feel are harmful. So just, please stay respectful! This is a positive place to celebrate who we are.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the first guest poster on Ace Of Bens! Until then, take care of yourselves and happy 20BiTeen! 💖💜💙

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