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Mini-Reviews - Nimona, Form of a Question, Moonstruck Vol. 1
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Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Rating: 4 stars

I had been procrastinating on this graphic novel for way too long! I love that it’s told from the perspective of the villains, because I feel like we just don’t get enough of those kinds of stories. The art style is a bit sloppy at times which threw me out of the story, but the detail and color scheme make up for that. Not to mention the depth of these characters! Each of the three pictured on the front cover have amazing backstories that added to the fast-paced plot and made it hard to put the book down.

I did have to knock a star from this community favorite. I just wasn’t too thrilled about Blackheart and Goldenloin’s relationship. It’s wasn’t exactly vague, because you could tell there was something going on between them that amounted to more than just bad blood. Still, I kept hearing about the same gender ship in this book yet I read it to find out it’s not explicit on page rep. I was a bit disappointed about that.

Overall, it was still a great book with wonderful characters that I recommend everyone read!

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Form of a Question by Andrew J. Rostan and Kate Casenow

Rating: 2 stars

I came across this graphic novel on Hoopla Digital and thought it’d be an interesting read. You know, a graphic autobiography of someone who played an impressive game on one of the most famous game shows ever. Yeah, I want to know what he has to say. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I’d hoped. The book is advertised as his journey to an appearance on Jeopardy! and in a way, it is. Still, the story focuses so much on events in his life that seemed irrelevant, like how his friends mistreated him in school and college and how he kept going in between these two girls that didn’t fully respect him.

I also have to point out that the art style was sub par. The line art was lazy through most of book, and I really couldn’t get with the blue and white color scheme. I’m giving it 2 stars overall because, I’m sure it’s a story that would have some worth to others, especially since there are themes of being the “weird kid” that gets picked on all the time. It’s probably super relatable to someone out there, but it’s not me.

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Moonstruck, Vol 1: Magic To Brew by Grace Ellis

Rating: 5 stars

Not to be dramatic, but this is really everything I’ve ever needed in a graphic novel. This honestly should have gotten its own full review post, but with classes and everything, I got too off track and so here I am, like, two months later writing a review that is less than what this graphic novel deserves.


So we got werewolves, psychics, centaurs, vampires, ghosts, magicians, the whole shebang. Plus a f/f main pairing and a nonbinary bff of the protagonist and tons of characters of color. It’s essentially the fantasy story that we all needed growing up. We follow Julie who’s a werewolf barista and her girlfriend Selena whom she’s just started dating. (Side note: They’re super awkward and it hurts but in an adorable way.) Julie’s friend Chet goes along to this magic show with her and Selena and accidentally becomes the victim of a magic trick gone wrong. The whole journey to getting Chet back to their normal self was an amazing story; all the characters are so real and I love them; and

Also!! It’s apparently a series (thank goodness) and the next graphic novel comes out really soon—February 26th!

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