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On A Case Bi Case Basis

In case you haven’t heard the news, it’s 20BiTeen, meaning that this year the bi’s are too powerful and can’t be stopped. Of course, why would you want to stop us? We just want to spread love and bad puns.

That being said, Tay @ Stay On The Page, Madalyn @ Novel Ink, and I welcome you to participate in our bi-tiful, pun-derful new blogging event — On A Case Bi Case Basis: What “Bi” Means To Me.

What are you looking for?

We’re looking for people who identify as bisexual and/or biromantic to talk about what being bi means to them. In recent years especially, this has been a complicated topic as terms like bi, pan, poly, and others have become more mainstream. How people identify is deeply personal, and we want to hear about your experiences in 2,000 words or less.

Since the three of us run blogs that primarily generate content about books, we understand that a lot of other bookish people will be participating. However, if you aren’t a part of the book community and have stumbled across this post, you’re still welcome to participate. Literally, the only requirement is to identify as bisexual and/or biromantic. We want to hear from as many different experiences as possible, so feel free to talk about how other parts of your identity intersect with you bisexuality and/or biromanticism.

How will this event work?

If you choose to be a guest poster, we ask that you let us know that you’re interested by filling out the Google Submission Form or contacting one of us directly. This is so we can get an idea of how many guest posters we will have. We will NOT turn anyone away! So don’t worry about the event filling up or your words “not being good enough”. We want to hear from you! Posts are due on Saturday, February 23rd, so you have plenty of time to reflect and write your post.

I suggest reading through my guest post policy for more information on how I handle guest posts in general. (Note: The guidelines do not necessarily apply to Tay’s and Madalyn’s blogs.)

How do I sign up?

We have a Google Form embedded below this paragraph! Fill out the form and one of us will be in contact with you shortly.

Do you have questions? Comment below or contact a host! We’ll be glad to give you more information.

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