While searching for blog post ideas, I came across the 50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag. Since I’m not sure who this tag originated from, so I’ll say the idea is borrowed from Thirteen Thoughts. I wanted to do this tag because my life basically turned upside-down at the end of the summer, and I’m still recovering. I’m not going to lie—this list was a hell of a lot harder to do than I expected, but I’m hoping that having done this will help my overall state of mind. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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1. Watermelon 🍉

2. Everything in Transit by Jack’s Mannequin – aka my favorite album ever

3. Languages, linguistics, I’m always a nerd for words

4. My family – biological and found family

5. Too many friends to name

6. My doggos (Lilo and Pudge)

7. Playing guitar

8. Playing ukulele

Lilo is wrapped in a blanket and Pudge is lying on top of her

9. Rainbows 🌈

10. Foxes 🦊

11. Turtles 🐢

12. The city

13. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which finally comes back on January 10th!)

14. (Me Llamo) Sebastián’s music

15. John Mulaney’s Netflix specials

16. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, aka the best anime I’ve ever watched

Me working polls on Nov 6th

17. Memes

18. College – even though it also stresses me out sometimes


20. Democrats getting the House back #BlueWave

21. Taylor Swift – no shame

22. Dying my hair even though it’s hella expensive

23. Traveling—it’s exhausting but I love seeing new places so much and wish I could do it more often

ptwc program
Program book from Philly Trans Wellness Conference 2018

24. Blogging—I’ve made so many great friends just from screaming about books on the internet! If I’d known this would happen, I’d have started blogging so much sooner.

25. Going to concerts

26. Ace puns

27. Going to the Philly Trans Wellness Conference every year—I’ve only gone twice but it’s been two amazing experiences and I already can’t wait to go next year

28. Pens that write smoothly

29. Fruity-smelling soap

30. Talking about my WIPs (so feel free to ask me questions, it might help get me writing them again, too)

Me posing in front of a rainbow balloon arch with the transgender pride flag at an event at my university

31. Pride, activism, and queer culture (technically three things, but totally related)

32. Pretty much any song by Jesse & Joy because I love their music and everything they stand for so much

33. Duolingo’s ridiculous sample sentences

34. I’m not big on fashion but getting new clothes is such a great feeling. Like I have a new thing to wear? Hell yeah

35. Painting my nails

36. Not to be dark or anything, but days when the chronic pain is minimal

Group selfie at BookCon waiting in line for The BookCon Hunger Games Penguin’s 2019 surprise ARC drop

37. Feeling productive

38. Those moments in language learning when you’re talking to someone and you realize just how far you’ve come or how much you’ve improved since a certain point in time

39. Learning

40. Stories about happy gays

41. Beanies

42. Hot chocolate

43. Getting new books, from the library or the store, I’m not picky

A photo I took last December of the snow, sky, and my little brother jumping around

44. Going to BookCon was pretty awesome this past June, and I can’t wait to go next year!

45. Wandering around my town (and sometimes the city

46. When you’ve been taking a ton of pictures hoping that one sticks out and you finally get a great one

47. Rewatching tv shows I loved as a kid like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, and Ben 10

48. Seeing myself represented in books, tv shows, movies, etc. (Write more trans characters)

49. When it’s cold enough that I can curl up under a bunch of blankets

50. Having a successful conversation in a target language

I don’t usually tag people in these, and I wasn’t even tagged for this myself, but I believe it’s important to take some time to think about what keeps us smiling. So I tag Tay @ Stay on the Page, Jess, Emily, & Amber @ The Book Bratz, Chloe @ The Elven Warrior, Benni @ Benni Loves Books, Kitty @ Jelly Fable, Paige @ It’s A Paige Turner, Angel @ Avid Reader, Stephanie @ Ohana Reads, and Camille @ The Literary Empress!

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