Down The TBR Hole – Round Nine3 min read

Down The TBR Hole

Down the TBR hole is a meme created by Lia @ Lost in a Story that revolves around cleansing your TBR of all those books you’re never going to read and sort through it all to know what’s actually on there. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or more) books. Of course, if you do this weekly, you start where you left off the last time.
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?
Book Keep Or Toss?
the wild robot.jpg 1. The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

This story isn’t what I remember thinking it was about, but I’m learning that my memory and reading comprehension lacks when it comes to book synopses. Anyway, I’m not too interested in this book anymore. Toss it.

a quiet kind of thunder.jpg 2. A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Barnard

I definitely have friends who would disown me if I took this off my TBR, but that doesn’t matter because I still really want to read this. It sounds like an adoable love story. Keep it.

trans mission my quest to a beard.jpg 3. Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard by Alex Bertie

I couldn’t possibly get rid of this one. The only problem is I need a copy… Keep it.

This One Summer 4. This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki

I’ve been meaning to read this for a while, and I swear I’ll get to it! (How many times have I said that in these TBR Hole posts?) Keep it.

nimona.jpg 5. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Okay, this one, too. I will get to it, hopefully soon. Keep it.

tyler johnson was here.jpg 6. Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles

I feel like this is going to make me just as emotional as The Hate U Give did, but I’m ready for it. Keep it.

the sky between you and me.jpg 7. The Sky Between You and Me by Catherine Alene

No shame, but I definitely only added this one when I worked at the library because it has a pretty cover. Toss it.

the inconceivable life of quinn.jpg 8. The Inconceivable Life of Quinn by Marianna Baer

Interesting, but I don’t have easy access to a copy, so I’ll have to toss it.

the gauntlet.jpg 9. The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi

Here’s yet another one I should make a priority. (RIP me) Keep it.

Things i should have known.jpg 10. Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik

Sounds like a hit or miss, so I’ll definitely never get to it. Toss it.

no one can pronounce my name.jpg 11. No One Can Pronounce My Name by Rakesh Satyal

I hate to word it this way, but since it’s adult fiction, I’ll probably never get to it. I’m based too much in YA. Toss it.

escape from aleppo.jpg 12. Escape From Aleppo by N.H. Senzai

I’ll keep this one in the back of my mind,but since I’d need to buy a copy, it’s not a priority. Toss it.

lizard radio.jpg 13. Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz

I really love this cover?? The synopsis sounds a little too “out there” for my tastes though, so toss it.

the unintentional time traveler.jpg 14. The Unintentional Time Traveler by Everett Maroon

This book souns amazing and I want to read it right now, but first I need to figure out how to get a copy. Keep it.

love in the time of global warming.jpg 15. Love In The Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block

Based on the reviews, this is a very strange retelling of The Odyssey, which I’ve never read. I don’t think I’d get the full experience of the book, so I’m gonna toss it.

Kept: 7     Tossed: 8

Wow, I think this is the first week I’ve tossed more than I’ve kept. What do you all think? Any books I misjudged?

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