Personal Update: Spring 2018 Classes!1 min read

Personal Update Spring 2018 Classes

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After a rough start due to snow causing class cancellations, I’ve begun yet another semester. My grades were much better last semester, and I’m super proud of myself. To continue that, I don’t want anything to distract me from my coursework. Now that my schedule is filled quite a bit more than it has been in the last four weeks, I plan to only post twice a week instead of three times. I’ll still post my book reviews as I read, and trust me, I have a lot of reading to do both in and outside of class. Essentially, I’m not disappearing, just slowing down.

Another note I want to make is that I’ve started a new job this month, too. Now I work at my university, and unfortunately, I’ve had problems with my paperwork to get on payroll. So I likely will not see a paycheck from this job for at least another 3 weeks, but I need textbooks now. I really wish I didn’t have to ask, but if you enjoy my posts here or on Twitter and have a few dollars to spare for a struggling college student,  please consider donating here to my Ko-fi. I very much appreciate anything you can offer.

Good luck to all other students starting a new semester soon! May your classes go smoothly and your studies be interesting.

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